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Jennifer Obrien

2.0average rating is 2 out of 5

Would you like a solution to consistently remove unfair bad reviews from Google My Business, Yelp, Opentable and other review sites? At Dandy, our proprietary technology has helped companies like Holiday Inn and Wyndham remove over 21,000 negative reviews for their locations and consistently monitors and helps remove any new negative reviews that appear.

Do you have 15 minutes for a call today? Schedule a Call Here: or for more information please visit our website:

You can also call me directly at (949) 755-7782.

You'll see a few case studies there - one of which we removed 60 negative reviews within the first 90 days for one of our customers. Remember, negative reviews can reduce traffic up to 15%.

Thank you,

Jennifer Obrien | Senior Review Specialist
Dandy, Inc. - Remove, Prevent & Capture
Office (949) 755-7782
9891 Irvine Center Drive, Suite #200, Irvine, CA 92618

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Linda Timberlake

5.0average rating is 5 out of 5

The birthday cake for my husband's 70th party was really delicious and the beach scene was beautiful. All the guests raved about the taste and design. Thanks for helping make our party a success.

Jeff Johnson

5.0average rating is 5 out of 5

Hey, its Jeff, fellow business owner and host of the Local Leaders Podcast. Due to some recent Visa and
MasterCard changes, food service businesses are now able to take advantage of a “dual pricing” system
that has been around for years.

Ever noticed both a cash and a credit price when pumping gas? Well, that is dual pricing, and the same
system is now available to all businesses!
Here is the scoop…Dual pricing enables business owners to charge both a CASH and a CREDIT price for
each item on your menu. Your current pricing remains the same and becomes the cash price. For
customers choosing to pay with a card, our POS systems and payment terminals compute a slightly
higher card price. (+ $0.60 on a $15 ticket). The slightly higher card price covers ALL of your payment
processing fees adding 2.5 to 3% to your bottom-line profits!
IMAGINE NO MORE PROCESSING FEES! What will you do with all that money?
Our NO RISK Program includes:

1. ZERO Processing Costs and FREE Dual Pricing Account Set-up
2. FREE Wifi Payment Terminal
3. Month-to-Month Agreement
4. No Cancelation or Early Termination Fees

Let me know if you want to learn more about our program and we can schedule a quick call to discuss
the details. And you may even qualify for a $ 1,299 credit toward any of our POS systems to boot!
If this is not for you, we understand and wish you and your business the very best!

Jeff Z. Johnson
Chief SalesHEAD and Host of the Local Leaders Podcast
1 877 842-1142



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