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Robin C


I recently had a fairly large order with Carter’s. To include two different types of birthday cakes, 2 dozen sugar cookies ( 4 different designs) and 24 cupcakes, ( 4 different flavors)
Every single item was delicious and looked absolutely beautiful and unique! My family was very happy! And so was I because it was a nice break from baking, with a place I could trust 100%.
The staff is incredible, I had help out to my car, the cakes were put in seatbelts. These guys do everything with love💞. We meant to take photos, but we were so excited, we just dove right in!

Heather Ross


We just love Carters! We got our anniversary cake and many other goodies including cookies, brownies, bagels, and cupcakes. All of their stuff is clearly homemade and absolutely DELICIOUS! The cake is so fresh and the icing is the best I’ve ever had. Highly recommend!

Tony A


My fiancée’s favorite cake is from a famous bakery in NYC. I was going to get that bakery to ship to NC for my fiancée’s birthday, but instead asked Carters if they would make a copycat cake.
They not only made it like the original, but it tasted much better. My fiancée could not stop raving about it. I probably would have raved just as much, but my mouth was non-stop full of this amazing cake. Carters made the process extremely easy, and they’re very dependable. You could tell they take immense pride in what they do, and that love of baking and service is apparent in the end product. Thanks, Carters!



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